Das Hazard Team Compile Tool (HTCT) kann als Ersatz für das in Hammer integrierten Compiler UI genutzt werden.

== Hazard Team Compile Tool == htct.exe (Version 0.4.1 BETA) == Copyright © 2015 by DKY (Ryan Lam) == This software tool (the Hazard Team Compile Tool, or 'HTCT') is freely provided to you without charge (and without warranty). You may use HTCT however you like, for any purpose. You may also privately share HTCT with others if you like, as long as you don't try to take credit for it or sell it. If you want to publicly host/share/redistribute HTCT, please contact DKY at the contact information provided below, and we'll see if we can work something cool out. == Description == This tool is a convenience tool for compiling maps from VMF to BSP format, coded expressly for the needs of the Hazard Course Development Team. We at the Hazard Course Dev Team have since decided to release this tool for the good of the general mapping community, rather than keep it as internal software. We hope that you find it useful. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, bug reports, or feature requests, don't hesitate to contact DKY at the provided contact information below! == Usage == Extract htct.exe to any folder and run it. Enter your Steam directory into the field that appears. Then, choose the SDK version and game configuration that you wish to use. If you would like your compile queue to persist between sessions, check the "Remember Compile Queue" checkbox. Once the initial setup is complete, a file called 'config.cfg' will be generated in the folder where htct.exe is located. This file holds the configuration settings for HTCT, in Valve KeyValues format. The main HTCT window will then appear. To begin compiling: Select the Compile Preset you wish to use from the drop-down menu. To edit the set of Compile Presets, use the 'Edit Presets' button. This opens a new window that will allow you to add, remove, and edit the set of Presets that you can use for the compile process. Next, use the 'Add' button to add VMFs to the compile queue. You may select as many VMFs as you wish. Alternatively, you may also drag+drop VMF files directly onto the source file list to add them to the queue. You can change the order of the compile queue by selecting at least one VMF and using the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons. You can also remove VMFs by selecting at least one VMF and pressing the 'Remove' button. When you are satisfied, press the 'Begin Compile!' button to begin compiling. The Compile Process window should then appear, where you can track the progress of the compile, including the current file, current task, and elapsed time. You can abort the compile process by using the 'Abort' button or by closing the Compile Process Window. To run a map in-game, right click on the VMF name in the compile queue, and choose the "Run in Game" option. You can also open the VMF in Hammer, by right-clicking the name of the VMF and choosing the "Open in Hammer" option. == Questions, Comments, Deep Philosophical Concerns, and Cries of Outrage == Contact DKY at

== Changes in Version 0.5.0 BETA (This version) == - Added an "Ignore VMF" feature. Right click any VMF in the compile queue and select "Don't Compile" to tell HTCT to ignore that VMF when compiling. - Fixed a potential bug where config.cfg would be created in the wrong directory if htct.exe is invoked from outside the directory where it is located in. - Fixed a bug where the "Remember Queue" feature would not properly update itself if you remove VMFs from the end of the Compile Queue. == Changes in Version 0.4.1 BETA == - Changed the new Valve KeyValues parser to allow parsing of files that are not intended to include escape sequences like ' ' or ' '. (This should fix a bug where certain totally normal character sequences in GameConfig.txt could be accidentally interpreted as special escaped characters, effectively breaking HTCT's ability to parse the file.) - Fixed a bug in the new Valve KeyValues parser where it would incorrectly accept a VDF file as valid if it has more opening braces than closing braces. - Fixed a bug where HTCT would fail to run maps in-game for SDK Base mods that require the -game parameter to be set when running hl2.exe. - Changed the conflict resolution system for config files to be more strict. (As a result, grandfathered config.cfg files will now be more properly updated between HTCT versions.) == Changes in Version 0.4.0 BETA == - Added the Black Mesa Steam version SDK folder to the default config file. - Re-wrote the Valve KeyValues parser for future ease of maintenance. - Added a "Remember Compile Queue" feature. (Go to the Settings dialog and check the "Remember Compile Queue" checkbox to make the compile queue persist between HTCT sessions.) - Added a debug mode. (Open config.cfg and set "debug" to "1" to enable debug logging. If you encounter unexpected behavior, be sure to enable debug mode and send me the log!) == Changes in Version 0.3.2 BETA == - Fixed a bug where Hammer occasionally wouldn't launch when using the "Open in Hammer" feature under certain conditions. - Refactored the compile window update code. (Should be slightly more memory- and time-efficient now, although in practice there shouldn't be any directly perceivable difference.) - Preemptively fixed a potential bug where additional arguments to vmfii.exe might not be properly passed to the tool executable. (In practice, I can't really think of a normal, non-contrived situation in which this bug can ever occur though.) == Changes in Version 0.3.1 BETA == - Fixed an error where sequential compiles would fail if you compile a VMF in the target game or mod's \maps directory. - Minor changes to the built-in Valve KeyValues parser. (Improved edge case handling.) == Changes in Version 0.3.0 BETA == - Added a rungame feature. (Right-click on a map in the compile queue, and choose the "Run in Game" option.) - Added an "Open in Hammer" feature. (Right-click on a map in the compile queue, and choose the "Open in Hammer" option.) - Adding a set of new VMFs to the compile queue will now always insert them in alphabetical (ASCIIbetical) order. - Implemented an adaptive refresh rate for the Compile Window. (This makes HTCT more CPU-efficient for processor-intensive compiles.) == Changes in Version 0.2.1 BETA == - Fixed a rather severe memory leak that caused htct.exe to eat up unbounded amounts of system memory for lunch each time the compile process ran. *shudder* - Optimized the Compile Window so that it does not hog up insane amounts of CPU that should be going to the compile tools. (Previously, htct.exe would guzzle and waste up to 30% CPU per compile.) - Fixed a bug where the Compile Window would insert extra newlines into the list of compile times under certain situations. - HTCT now always saves config.cfg immediately after the settings are changed. (Previously, it did not do this if config.cfg was invalid or missing.) - Additional Steam library folders other than the main Steam directory are now considered to be valid Steam directories. - The Settings Dialog now complains if there are no SDKs installed in the chosen Steam directory. - Changed the "are you sure you want to abort" message when closing the Compile Process Window to be less wordy. == Changes in Version 0.2.0 BETA == - Added support for compiling with VMFII. (Open up the Preset Dialog to enable it in your compile presets.) - The Compile Window now blinks in the taskbar if it finishes compiling while minimized. - If config.cfg is missing color entries, HTCT will now use default values instead of black. - Changed the "are you sure you want to discard changes" message in the Preset Dialog to be less wordy. - Fixed a bug where VMF filenames in the Map Source Files list would become huge if you moved multiple files at a time up or down the queue. - The built-in Valve KeyValues parser now supports non-quoted keys and values. (This means quotes are no longer required for entries in config.cfg, although they are highly recommended) - Added drag+drop support (You may now drag VMF files onto the files list to add them to the compile queue.) - Added a commented header to the top of config.cfg explaining that you may edit config.cfg to customize HTCT functionality if you so choose. == Changes in Version 0.1.1 BETA == - Added support for custom colors in the compile window (Edit the color entries under "UI" in config.cfg to change the color of VBSP, VVIS, VRAD, and compile tool output text.) - Added comment support to the built-in Valve KeyValues parser (HTCT now ignores lines in config.cfg and GameConfig.txt that start with '//', but beware!! These 'commented' lines are removed permanently once the files are loaded and re-saved!) - Changed behavior of the conflict resolution system for config.cfg entries (As a result, config files should now be backward- and forward-compatible.) - If the Compile Process window is already open or minimized, it will now automatically go to the foreground when you start a new compile process. - Modified the process used to compile the htct.exe executable (EXPERIMENTAL: Certain parts of HTCT should now be ever so slightly smoother, but this MIGHT have introduced some new bugs. So far I haven't found any, but keep an eye out!) == Changes in Version 0.1.0 BETA (Initial Release) == - HTCT BETA released.