Coal Miner


Mit SourceCraft können sie Maps aus Minecraft in eine .vmf convertieren.

Benötigt wird Java Runtime Environment 5.0 (aka 1.5.0)

Version History
2.12 (15th March 2013)
-made fence more like in minecraft. It got 2 beams and they also connect to near walls and the back of stairs (Just noticed they dont even do that in minecraft^^)
-made sky-texture editable
-made sun colors (brightness, ambient, shadow) editable
-the grid of the created map is now initially equals the scale
-fixed a bug occuring when there was no "r.0.0.mca"
-fixed a bug with stairs

2.11 (27th January 2013)
-improved performance

2.10 (24th January 2013)
-fixed a bug with the cancel-option of the place-creator

2.9 (23rd January 2013)
-fixed a bug with editing places

2.8 (23rd January 2013)
-added clip-ramps for stairs
-added spawn-point creation

2.7 (15th January 2013)
-fixed a bug with vines
-fixed a bug with torches
-outsourced places in "places.txt" that you can keep with future updated
-added delete-option for places

2.6 (7th December 2012)
-fixed a bug with texture installation
-added sanstone stairs
-added "special wood" stairs
-added lamp
-added emerald block
-added jungle wood
-added jungle leaves
-added circle stone

2.5 (4th December 2012)
-stair update
-remembers last used place, game, convert-options and texture-pack

2.4 (17th November 2012)
-added window to edit scale
-gui checks for incorrect numbers
-fixed gmod path

2.3 (8th November 2012)
-Asks user for steam-path, minecraft-path and steam-user-name when using for the first time. Based on that the default save-folders are choosen.
-Lets you use and select other texture-packs.

2.2 (3rd November 2012)
-added GUI
-now the program can install the textures

2.1 (2nd September 2012)
-added torch block with flames for all games (removed cssLamp)
-fixed a bug with fences
-added Soul Sand
-added Glowstone
-aborts program if no config is found

2.0 (30th April 2012)
-once converted places can be reconverted by name
-remembers the target directionary for each game
-added game gmod-added vines
-added redstone lamps
-added end stone
-added end portal frame
-added different wooden plank-added jungle wood-added jungle leaves-added circle stone brick-water is no longer func_detail

1.7 (28th Match 2012)
-reads mca-files (anvil-format). If there are no mca-files it reads mcr-files.-uses "config.txt" to read what kind of addables are used for a game. You can for example delete "addable(cssLamp)," for css and there will no longer be a converted torches. You can also add other games and run it with your specified addables. Anyway, I cannot guarantee compatibility with future versions yet.

1.6 (16th Feb 2012)
-changed default texture pack to minecraft_original-added mycelium
-changed texture scaling of some textures
-the glass texture is now detimined by the texture pack-leaves and lava now count as transparent

1.5 (6th Feb 2012)
-fixed texture folder bug
-fixed missing leaves
-added snowy grass
-added small snow blocks

1.4 (30th Jan 2012)
-now chooses the region folder if player didn't
-added invisible ramps for the stairs
-reduced tf2 default size to 50

1.3 (25th Jan 2012)
-You can now choose to convert for TF2 or CSS or another source game. They all have different run options, for example different default scales or that only CSS uses torches (due to the model only supported by CSS).
-stair cuboids now merge with slabs and other stairs-fixed a problem that fences could be off place
-fixed missing blocks-removed redstone torch-made not full scale blocks to func_details
-Cacti are more like in Minecraft
-added fire for CSS-addad lily pad for tf2-added grass for tf2
-added glass pane

1.2 (15th Dec 2011)
-added tool to extract texture files as tga from a minecraft texture pack. It uses config.txt for the correct texture names.
-you can now choose the size of the textures. This enables you to use any texture-pack with any size.
-added fences-added pine leaves-overworked grass texture. Changing grass side texture is possible now.
-removed run option "quick"
-all options with a default value can be skipped quickly by hitting enter
-fixed texture scale of furnace, dispenser and chest
-lowerd default "Y Start" from 60 to 55

1.1 (30th Nov 2011)
-will select correct files from global coordinates. Loads accros mcr-files.
-made scale chooseable (torch models are still placed properly)
-starting directory corrected-moved spawn
-camera-fixed slab bug
-fixed ignored birch texture
-fixed bookcase typo